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ChiroMatrix was founded in 2002 by a husband and wife design team passionate about chiropractic care. "The company had a very humble beginning", recalls Yamia Benhaim, co-owner and Director of Business Development. "We were running a 2 man operation out of an 800 sq ft apartment. I sat at the kitchen table selling websites while Asaf did website design and customer support at the desk in the adjacent room."

ChiroMatrix' first client was Dr Erez, a chiropractor and family friend. He was impressed with the design and professionalism of his website, referred Yamia and Asaf to his fellow chiropractors, and interest in ChiroMatrix began to spread throughout the chiropractic community.

"It takes a while to grow the client base, and it was difficult to establish our brand in the first couple of years. Luckily our overhead was low", reminisces Asaf Benhaim, co-owner and CEO.


Today, ChiroMatrix leads the chiropractic industry in chiropractic web marketing. Based in San Diego, California, ChiroMatrix provides chiropractic specific internet marketing services. ChiroMatrix maintains thousands of chiropractic practice websites that attract and educate patients using an interactive and automated approach.

The office building recently purchased boasts over 21,000 sq ft of space to house more than 200 employees, and provides good physical expansion capabilities for the development, design, sales and customer support departments.

ChiroMatrix partners with reputable chiropractic organizations such as Masters Circle, Breakthrough Coaching, and ProSport. In addition ChiroMatrix regularly attends conventions hosted by Parker, BTC, Masters, CCA, and FCA. ChiroMatrix has also created custom web sites for a range of companies including Gonstead, Foot Levelers, ProSport, and Lyflo. Due to its excellent service and elite design, the chiropractic community continues to refer ChiroMatrix as the web company of choice.


Expect great. Being a marketing-centric company, we believe future growth is attained by advancements in technology to increase the effectiveness of our marketing while reducing the cost to implement for our clients. Our company foundation is based on offering our chiropractic clients new and more efficient ways of communicating, marketing, and profiting in their business. Our commitment to an ever-changing landscape through research and development has never been stronger.