2013 Changes and Updates in SEO

//2013 Changes and Updates in SEO

2013 Changes and Updates in SEO


Over the course of 2013, changes and updates from Google and SEO in general have made it an interesting year. The most notable update from Google was the increase in encrypted search and the absence of keyword data available in Google Analytics. Along with consistent updates to Penguin and Panda, Google gave flight to a new algorithm named “Hummingbird” this year. Overall, Google has focused its updates/changes around fighting spam websites and “grey hatters.” In light of the past year’s twists and turns in SEO, there is a huge demand for a managed online presence.

Google Search Is Encrypted

Your Search Is Safe: Encrypted Search

Over the past year, Google has transitioned all searches to be encrypted. This ensures the privacy of all online users. This change is obvious in Google Analytics reports as data referring to “keywords” searched is no longer available. However, the information is still available for those running paid advertising (PPC) campaigns in Google AdWords.

Swift and Accurate: Hummingbird

Back in September, Google released Hummingbird, its latest addition to the algorithm family. Hummingbird’s focus is to provide online users with more accurate results when posing questions and to accommodate for a rapidly expanding mobile market. If you are wondering whether you were affected by this update, there are two questions you can ask yourself. 1. Have I ever taken content from another website? 2. Have I attempted to rewrite content from another site to make it my own? If the answer to either question is “yes,” then Hummingbird will absolutely impact your search rankings (in a negative way).

Google Cannot Be Tricked

Trying to find ways to trick the world’s largest search engine is a giant waste of time. Google is concerned with facts and proof that you are an expert in the chiropractic field. The days of showing up on Google for simple terms like “chiropractic care” are gone. One single page on “chiropractic care” will not make you an expert in your field (or with Google).

Professional Help

Internet marketing seems to grow in complexity and importance every day. Creating content that is valuable, relevant, and newsworthy is a full-time job. At ChiroMatrix, we know what search engines (and people!) are searching for in regards to new, relevant, and credible content. Let ChiroMatrix handle the technical details, so you can focus on your practice and your chiropractic patients. Find out how we can help you succeed in 2014, call 1-800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.


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