3 Do’s and Don’ts for Branding Your Social Media Account

//3 Do’s and Don’ts for Branding Your Social Media Account

3 Do’s and Don’ts for Branding Your Social Media Account


In today’s business world, having a Social Media account is no longer just a requirement but a necessity. According to Cara Pring, writer of “100 More Social Media Statistics for 2012,” “50% of people follow brands on social media” and “75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel.” This is a trend that points out how social media is growing at a rapid rate. That is why it is so important to maintain consistent branding across your Social Media accounts.  Follow these “do’s and don’ts” for successful branding across all of your social media accounts.


First Do and Don’t

Do: Use an Image -Consistently- That Brands Your Practice

In order for your clients to remember your chiropractic business, it is necessary that you use an image or logo that pertains to your practice. For example, you could use a strong logo that communicates well what your chiropractic business does, you could use an image of yourself, or you could use an image of your office. Once you have decided on what you would like to use, it is extremely important to be as consistent as possible and use the same image or logo across all your businesses’ social media accounts.

Don’t: Use Several Images to Brand Your Practice

It is very important to only use one image. You don’t want to confuse your patients or a potential patient by using several logos or images that do not relate you or your chiropractic business. Remember that consistency is key for potential patients remembering you.

Second Do and Don’t

Do: Use a Consistent Color Scheme and File Naming System

Keep your chiropractic branding color scheme and naming system as consistent as possible. Use the same colors on your website/logo and remember to name all your files with the name of your chiropractic business. This naming system makes it is easier for search engines and patients/potential patients to remember your business name.

Don’t: Use a Random Color Scheme and Unrelated File Naming System

Don’t use a random color scheme across your social media accounts and a random or unrelated naming system. Consistency is best in all of your online marketing.

Third Do and Don’t

Do: Link as Much as Possible

When linking, make sure that everything links back and forth between your website(s) and other social media accounts. This way, people can stay on your site and social media accounts and don’t get redirected to something completely different. Remember, you want to keep people on your site or your social media accounts.

Don’t: Link Randomly or Over Do It

Try not to link to every little thing. Only link to important or relevant information that is on your website and all your social media accounts. This is also true when there is too much spam (by other users) and unrelated links to information or articles that do not pertain to your chiropractic business. Excess links become confusing for the user and they will often leave your sites altogether.

If you are interested in a managed Social Service for your chiropractic business, call us at 1-800-IMATRIX today. Our Internet Consultants can provide helpful tips on Social Media and explain the benefits of Social Media for your practice.

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