3 Easy Steps to Optimize a Google Business Page

//3 Easy Steps to Optimize a Google Business Page

3 Easy Steps to Optimize a Google Business Page

3 Easy Steps to Optimize a Google+ Business Page


Google+ is another avenue you can use to improve your practice’s organic rankings in search engines. With the growth of social signals, postings from Google+ have started to appear in search engine results. By properly optimizing a Google+ Business Page for your chiropractic practice, you can improve your online presence, boost follower engagement, and increase brand awareness for existing and potential patients.

Follow these three easy steps to ensure your Google+ Business Page is properly optimized:

  1. Only use a high-quality image/photo for your Google+ Business Page profile photo. This image appears next to every post or comment you make on Google+. A good practice is to use your practice’s logo or something that highlights your practice and boosts brand recognition. Always optimize the images on your Page and be sure they are relevant to your chiropractic practice.

optimizing chiropractic business google+

  1. Use researched keywords when creating your practice’s company description for the About section. Try to also include those keywords in your Tagline as well since the Tagline appears as part of your search result listing. Another key area to optimize on your Google+ Business Page is the Recommended Links section (also in About). In this section, you can add the URL for your chiropractic website and share links to the other social media sites for your practice.

optimizing about section of google plus

  1. Relevant and updated content will always boost your search rankings. The aim is to have other Google+ users share, comment on, and “+1” your posts. Post photos, videos, and updates that entice your audience to share or interact with your posts. With recent changes to the Google+ layout, posts are more visually appealing. Take advantage of this by sharing a variety of posts with your Google+ Circles and everyone on Google+.

fresh content for Google+ for chiropractors

When it comes to both search and social for local business, Google+ has proven to be a major player. Following these three easy steps improves the chances your practice will climb in the search engine rankings and create stronger brand awareness.

Make Google+ and online marketing work for your chiropractic practice. Call 1-800-IMATRIX to get more tips on optimizing your Google+ and social media pages.

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