3 Things to Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

//3 Things to Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

3 Things to Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns


When it comes to advertising, Google Adwords is one of the top tools available in the marketplace. AdWords allows nearly anyone to run an effective, clearly defined, and budgeted ad campaign. Google recently released strong updates to the AdWords platform.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Here are three important things you need to know about using AdWords enhanced campaigns for your chiropractic business.

1. Simple Area Targeting with Geo-Modifying Bids – One of the benefits of enhanced campaigns is that your chiropractic business can target ads with amazing accuracy. The businesses of today understand the importance of reaching potential consumers using the perfect context. It is now possible to target ads only to those potential patients within your designated area. Want to target patients within walking distance? Not a problem. Want to focus only on one zip code? Simple. Additionally, as an advertiser, you can use bid multipliers to increase or decrease the amount you spend per location. Want to target potential patients within a five-mile radius with less focus on a certain neighborhood? Your business now has that control over exactly who will see your ads.

Location Bid Adjustment in Google AdWords

2. Setting Bid Multipliers for Mobile Use – Advertisers can also now take advantage of the ever-increasing mobile space by setting bid multipliers for mobile devices. Your chiropractic business can now bid higher for specific keywords when users are on their smartphones. The combination of location targeting and bid multipliers allows advertisers to have targeted control over who sees their ads and where.Device Bid Adjustment in Google AdWords

3. Ad Extensions Receive Upgrades – Add-ons or ad extensions have always been a fantastic way to improve an AdWords campaign. With enhanced campaigns, ad extensions have been upgraded to allow for greater control and extended capabilities. For example, site link extensions now allow advertisers to set different site links for every group for greater control of what users see. Improved call extensions give advertisers the ability to focus campaigns on mobile. With the improvements, businesses can serve ads with their phone number to only those users on their phone.

Advertisers have control over a lot more with enhanced campaigns. The combination of easy location targets, mobile bid multipliers, and upgraded ad extensions gives your chiropractic business better tools for a more successful campaign in today’s competitive market.

Want to learn how enhanced campaigns can help boost your business? Call us at 1-800-IMATRIX to learn more.


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