3 Things Your Chiropractic Website Needs for SEO

//3 Things Your Chiropractic Website Needs for SEO

3 Things Your Chiropractic Website Needs for SEO


Are your search rankings not as high as you want them to be? If you have worked on your meta data and still don’t see any improvements, there are several additional things you can do to positively affect your overall optimization. These three things are easy to implement and will benefit your chiropractic website going forward.

Website optimization is a continuous process that requires the regular adding of keyword rich, unique content. In addition to website maintenance, these other SEO steps will help you to increase website conversions and the organic rankings of your chiropractic practice.

Add Chiropractic Video to Your Website

Research has consistently show that web pages with video rank higher than text-only web pages, particularly when the videos are hosted on YouTube. Start adding media rich content to your chiropractic website, but be sure that the content is relevant to the page it is being placed on. This will increase the value of the page.

Media Rich Content on Your Chiropractic Website

When you add a chiropractic video to a content page, verity the written content correlates to the information discussed in the video. Do this by:

  • Writing a web page title that directly describes the video and the text on the page.
  • Including significant keywords in the text content.
  • When uploading videos to YouTube, match the keywords/descriptions, tags on YouTube to the content on the web page.
  • When possible, include a transcript of the video in the description on YouTube and on your chiropractic website.
  • Only embed one chiropractic video per page of content.

How Does Adding Custom Content Affect Your Rankings?

Meta keywords are fading from use since they don’t carry much weight with search engines any longer. Rather, it is more important to add custom content to your website that is reflective of your practice. Replace the need for meta keywords with custom content that contains relevant keywords in the text. If the text you write answers questions patients may has, then you are likely headed in the right direction.

Keyword Rich Custom Content

Page Content Best Practices

Make sure to include more than just text on your web pages.  Media rich content on your chiropractic website will improve search rankings as Google sees media content as engaging.

What Types of Content Should You Add to Your Web Pages?

  • Content that explains the chiropractic services you offer in detail (demonstration videos are great for these types of pages)
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page that answers common questions
  • If you have a blog integrated into your website, add blog posts to refresh your content and share announcements

Maximizing Calls-to-Action on Your Chiropractic Website

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is an excellent way to grab a potential patient’s attention and convert them in to a new appointment. A CTA should ask a website visitor to submit their contact information to get a special or for access to additional information. Place the CTAs in highly visible spots, away from any distracting content.

Clear Call-to-Action on a Chiropractic Website

When creating CTAS, keep in mind that you should:

  • Use vibrant colors for the button that make it stand out
  • Offer patients a special when they sign up or click the button
  • Keep the CTA relevant to the website content
  • Use verbs like “Click,” “Submit,” or “Receive”
  • Use words or phrases that have a sense of urgency

For more information on SEO best practices for chiropractors, contact us at 1-800-IMATRIX. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an Internet Consultant to take your optimization to the next level.


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