3 Ways to Promote Chiropractic Specials on Social Media

//3 Ways to Promote Chiropractic Specials on Social Media

3 Ways to Promote Chiropractic Specials on Social Media


Although still a fairly young medium, social media is a dynamic and engaging marketing medium that has little to no precedence. Social media, however, has solidified itself as a prominent form of connecting with current and future patients.

Every social media network (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) has its own nuances, but there are 4 great ways you can use social media to promote your chiropractic specials. Let’s take a closer look at these 4 ways.

Promote Specials on Social Media

1. Make It Exclusive

Create an exclusive promotion for patients who start following you on social media. Make the promotion exclusive by only offering it to patients who like your Facebook page, add you to their Google+ Circle, or start to follow you on Twitter. In addition to being a great way to connect with your patients online, it is one of the easiest ways to implement a promotion.

Simply create a compelling special (something like “15% off your visit when you like us/circle us/follow us on social media”) and put up a sign explaining these details at your reception desk or waiting room. Be sure to track who takes advantage of the offer and watch your social media engagement grow.

2. Create a Special Just for Followers

A great way to reward your existing patients is to offer them an exclusive special, only available on your social media page. Once you have determined your special offer, create a post on each social network. The Special offer should have a special code or password that patients can mention in order to receive the special.

This type of special offer encourages your existing patients to stick with your practice, which becomes more difficult every day.

3. Encourage Sharing

Asking followers to share your special is a great way to leverage your followers to reach new patients. Create a compelling promotion that your patients can redeem and ask them to share the special with others. Include a clear call to action that they can share the special with their friends. This can be a great opportunity to get an easy referral from one of your patients and consumers love to share specials on social media. (Please note that requiring users to share the promotion is against the Terms and Conditions for social networks. Ask them to share the special, but don’t require it.)

Don’t Over-Promote!

In the midst of your promotions and offers, don’t forget that patients aren’t on social media to hear businesses constantly talk about themselves. This applies to promotions and specials too. Be sure to limit your promotional activity to 10-20% of your postings and utilize the other 80-90% of posts to produce engaging content that meets the needs of your patients. Share helpful stretching techniques, a cool spinal health fact, or an article about the latest news on GMOs.

Social media can seem like an overwhelming marketing tool, but don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. Most of your patients will appreciate your efforts and reward you with ongoing business and referrals.

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