5 Basic SEO Tips for Chiropractors

//5 Basic SEO Tips for Chiropractors

5 Basic SEO Tips for Chiropractors


SEO can be a challenge, especially since many strategies change as search engines shift, but the underlying goal of SEO is always to have your chiropractic practice visible on the internet when potential patients look for you. Here we will discuss the five basic, but essential tips for effective SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Tip #1 Know Your Keywords

To get website traffic, you need to know what to target. Find keywords that generate traffic from your patients and make sure the words are on your chiropractic websites. They should be present in the meta tags, names of pages, URLs, and written content. Do not insert keywords in unnatural places. Remember to write for human beings, not search engines.

It’s best to start with a small list of terms patients use to find your services. The list could be general, such as “chiropractor,” or more specific as “lower back pain.” Look at what your competitors are doing. Do they use certain words or phrases that are relevant to your services? Check the search volume (potential chiropractic patients) using online tools like wordtracker.com. This indicates what types of terms are targeted and producing decent results.

Once you have a list, be sure your website has these main keywords in the titles of pages, headings, and in the meta description.

Tip #2 Content

Content is an essential part of your website. It is imperative that you have well-written chiropractic content that is interesting, helpful, and keyword rich. When crafting your content, be sure to sound natural. Use your keywords sparingly and not more than once per paragraph.

When you have several keywords, don’t cram them all into your homepage. Rather, keep the homepage for most important terms only. Then create specific pages for more targeted terms and services. If you offer 5 specific services, create a keyword rich page that focuses on each service.

Tip #3 Social Media

Social media is now a relevant factor in SEO. A strong social media presence can produce referral traffic through links and reviews and will keep you existing patients connected. Regularly update your business pages for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to ensure accuracy.

Ask patients to review your services on their preferred social media networks. Keep followers engaged with continuous updates, special offers, and interesting posts. Reviews are essential for remaining competitive in local search and helping patients decide to choose your chiropractic practice.

Tip #4 Directories

When it comes to local search, your information needs to be accurate on Yahoo, Yelp, etc. Bad or wrong information will keep potential patients from finding you and can negatively impact your rankings. Keep an eye on any industry specific directories, such as healthgrades.com and vitals.com.

Chiropractic Directory

Perform an audit of well known directories to ensure your practice’s name, address, phone number, hours, and website URL are correct. Many directories are automated and can have bad or outdated information.

Tip #5 Update Regularly

Keeping the content fresh on your website is imperative. Add a new blog post or update content monthly to show your site is actively maintained. It’s important to keep your site from being static and to show your site has value to search engines and people.

When statistics become available for your site, look at what keywords are driving traffic. If there is a significant amount of searches for a particular service, consider adding a page of content focusing on that service to your site. If the page already exists, update it and add a FAQ page. Your search engine position will rely on whether you appear as an authority on a particular topic.


Your chiropractic website should always be designed and written for your patients. Know what you are targeting and create quality, readable content with appropriate keywords. Use social media and directories to promote your practice and keep your website updated with fresh content.

By following the tips laid out here, you will avoid being dependent on the changes of search engines while also ensuring your chiropractic website is user friendly.

Get more SEO tips for your chiropractic practice. Call 1-800-462-8749 to speak with an Internet Marketing Consultation about SEO and your website’s ranking.


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