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Posted on 10-09-2013


Organizing your YouTube channel to keep visitors engaged with interesting and easy-to-find videos can also increase traffic to your channel. An organized channel will have a sharp, branded look that invites more potential patients to watch your videos, engage with your social media pages, and visit your chiropractic website.

Channel Art: Customize

Customizing the channel art is a quick way to give your channel a professionally branded feel. The channel art you ad should use the same color scheme as your other chiropractic marketing materials (website, business cards, letterhead, etc.). Additionally, the art will be the background for your logo and social media icons, so be sure to select art that enhances the logo and social media links.

Customize Channel Art to Match Your Branding

Adding channel art is simple. Hover over the top right corner of the area until the “Edit” icon appears. Click on the icon and upload your own artwork or select one from the photo gallery.

Video Playlists: Sort by Topic

YouTube enables channel owners to create playlists of videos that are similar. The best way to organize these playlists is by a particular topic. Playlists will drive traffic to additional videos on your channel.

Organize Playlists by Topic for Usability

Organize your videos into playlists following these steps:

Click on “Video Manager” at the top of the page.

Select videos to include in the playlist by checking the box to the left of the video.

Click on the playlist dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Choose which playlist you want to add the videos to, or create a new playlist.

Keyword-Rich Titles & Descriptions: Explain Your Playlists & Videos

After creating organized playlists, further optimize the playlist by creating keyword-rich titles and descriptions that match the metadata (titles, descriptions, tags) of the videos in the playlist. Include targeted keywords in the first few words of your playlist title.

Ex. YouTube Channel Optimization: How to Organize Your Channel to Boost Traffic

Keyword Rich Titles and Descriptions

Keep the video and playlist titles short but descriptive. Use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to find relevant keywords that have a high search volume.

The playlist description should focus on the keywords in the title and be detailed and accurate. A description of a playlist can be a maximum of 5,000 words. This enables channel owners to fully explain their video content and incorporate keywords for YouTube’s search algorithm.

Drive more traffic to your chiropractic YouTube channel by creating keyword-rich playlists, titles, and descriptions. Having clearly organized content makes it easy for potential patients to find what they are interested in watching and will increase the amount of time that users spend on your channel.

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