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Posted on 11-19-2014


Every day, more and more people join social media sites and the role of social media in business development becomes more essential. Today, monitoring your chiropractic social media should be as routine as checking your emails and voicemails.

By making your chiropractic practice accessible on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you are creating opportunities for patients to publicly provide feedback and useful information. The best part is that your patients don’t need to go out of their way to interact with your business online since many of these sites they are likely already using.

Why You Should Monitor Social Media

Build a Community & Loyalty

When using social media as a chiropractor and business owner, it’s important to build a community around your brand. Social media users like to follow pages that encourage them to take part in the conversation. Create a “buzz” around your practice on social media to build patient loyalty and establish another line of communication for your patients and followers. This lets patients know that you value what they say and are listening to them.

Provide Great Customer Service

When you share engaging chiropractic posts on social media, your followers can respond and share their opinions. This is imperative to the development of your practice for several reasons. It enables you to gauge the satisfaction of your patient base and use that information to make changes to better serve their needs. A positive buzz around your page is fundamental in getting potential patients to check out your practice and chiropractic services.

Even  if some of the comments or reviews left by patients aren’t positive, they can still be useful. Publicly responding to both positive and negative reviews is an opportunity to repair a relationship with an unhappy patient or show appreciation to happy patients who regularly visit your practice.

A Rewarding Experience

Keeping an eye on your chiropractic social media is only becoming more important as time goes on. By engaging on social media, you are showing patients that you care about what they have to say. More importantly, you can use their feedback to deliver better services and experiences.

The Benefits of Social Media 
(image from Social Media Examiner)

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