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Posted on 10-30-2013


There are some key practices that can help your chiropractic videos be more easily found in a YouTube search. The presence of an embedded video can affect your website ranking. Therefore, it is essential to use the appropriate strategies to promote your video and website. In this blog, we will look at best practice for SEO video tagging.

Improve your overall video optimization by including these 5 things:

1.         Titles Optimized to Location

2.         Brief, Optimized Description

3.         Closed Captioning

4.         Tags

5.         Audio Transcription

We have touched on how to optimize titles and descriptions in previous blog, so we will cover the last three here: closed captioning, tags, and audio transcription.

Closed Captioning

Search engines desire content to be accessible to anyone and everyone. Adding closed captioning to your video is a great idea for many reasons. It makes your video accessible to a broader audience and is also good for SEO purposes.

Implement Keyword Tags on YouTube Videos


The basic formula for video tagging is to do a 50/50 split. Half of the tags should be directly related to your video topic. For example, if your video is discussing video optimization techniques, keywords should include: video, optimization, YouTube, techniques.

The other half of your tags should be broader, more generic terms. For the topic mentioned above, the second half of your tags should include: videos, SEO, ranking. Try to think of the split as half specific tagging, and half genre tags.

Take advantage of the YouTube Keyword tool to find top performing keywords. If your chiropractic videos are often similar in nature, set up default tags using YouTube’s default feature. If you wish to optimize for a specific set of keywords, it is best practice to have these keywords match the dialogue used in the video. The higher relevance the dialogue has to the tags, the better search results you will receive, as relevancy is of high importance to ranking algorithms that Google and YouTube use.

Audio Transcription

It is helpful to have an audio-based video in a documentary or voiceover format so the content can be crawled by Google. The content can be better indexed by Google if you post the transcription in paragraph form underneath the video.

Keep in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine and there is a lot of opportunity for your video and website to rank higher. By tagging your videos properly, YouTube will not only give more exposure to your video, but also to your website and brand.

Visit our Resources page for more tips on video marketing or call us at 1-800-IMATRIX to get a free one-on-one video consultation.


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