A Guide to Branding Your Practice on Twitter

//A Guide to Branding Your Practice on Twitter

A Guide to Branding Your Practice on Twitter

Twitter can move pretty quickly. As quickly as you can compose a clever and engaging tweet — poof! — it’s pushed down to the bottom of your followers’ feed. On average there are more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute which means that your practice needs to work to get followers to read your tweets. Our Social Media Lookbook outlines the best practices to help your practice reach your target audience on Twitter. From hashtags to advise on visuals, our lookbook has everything you need to success on Twitter!  

From the best way to optimize the header on your practice’s Twitter profile page to tips on visual content, our Social Media Lookbook has it all. The art of Twitter lies in posting frequently and getting right to the point due to the fast-paced nature of the social network.  If Facebook is more of your speed, guess what? The Social Media Lookbook provides useful tips for succeeding on Facebook too! You can also gain insight into making LinkedIn and Google+ work for your practice as well. We’ve got the major social networks covered all in one stylish guide.

Of course, Twitter isn’t just about hashtags, it’s about branding your practice. To get our full guide to Twitter success, download the Social Media Lookbook here. Contact us for more social media resources and related lookbooks.

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