A Website = Good. A Website + Social Media = Great!

//A Website = Good. A Website + Social Media = Great!

A Website = Good. A Website + Social Media = Great!


In today’s day and age, simply having a website for your chiropractic website is not enough. The world is moving its focus to social media.  And social media is where you want need to be. Facebook accounts for 40% of daily web traffic of all Internet users worldwide (Single Grain, July 2011). Below I will talk to you about 2 reasons social media will dramatically increase your web presence. Social Media is using websites to turn communication into an interactive dialogue among you and your clients.

1.  Social Media Connects You to New AND Current Clients

Posting pictures and articles on your website is a good idea. Continue to do this. However, you should expand your audience. Today, many people use a website to gain information about your chiropractic practice (such as phone number and address) or to gain in depth insights on what you do and how you do it. But, those clients who already know where you are and your phone number will, most likely, not consistently revisit your website.

Hurley Chiropractic is active on Facebook

With social media your fans stay connected via a platform they check daily, if not more.  For example: A special is posted to your website. It will be seen by new clients and a few current ones that check back. But if you post that same special to your chiropractic practice’s Facebook page; it will show up in the news feed of every one of your current fans and it appears to anyone who looks at your Facebook page, and possibly the friends of your fans if they “like” or “share” the post.  

2. Social Media Helps Your Website Rise in the Ranks

Social Media is a stepping stone to better Search Engine Optimization. While having a well thought out and updated website does increase your SEO, social media is being found to also increase your results. For example: If a chiropractor creates a website and updates that page regularly with in depth pertinent knowledge, the site will be crawled by Google and produce good results. However, if another chiropractor creates that same website with all the same updating, but also creates a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest page, the website & social media will be crawled by Google and produce great results. It shows Google that you are a serious player with a web presence. Google is also now actively starting to recognize that social media is an important factor in your overall rankings.

To sum up on why you need social media for your chiropractic practice, I will leave you with these two sentences. Social Media connects you with your patients, making you part of a community not just a website. While your website might be the meat and potatoes, you can’t have a complete meal without the dessert of social media; and Google likes a complete meal!

If you would like to get active in Social Media, but would prefer to have it managed by professionals, call us at I-800-IMATRIX today. Our Internet Consultants are ready to discuss the benefits of our ChiroMatrix Social Service.

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