Action for Chiropractic Marketing

//Action for Chiropractic Marketing

Action for Chiropractic Marketing

There was a great mini-metaphor in the ChiroMatrix office today about success and wealth.  

I was at the vending machine, where coins sometimes get stuck, and you have to shake the machine sometimes for change.  After getting a soda, I rocked the machine a little bit and a penny came off the top of the machine and fell on the floor.

After picking it up, I turned to a Customer Support Coach nearby and said, "See? When you take action for money, it comes from unexpected places."

This principle really does apply to your chiropractic practice and web marketing program.  Whenever you take action for the purpose of bringing yourself wealth, you set into motion forces that can bring you money from places you weren’t even thinking about.  A patient you send a birthday card to might know someone special, or an event you attend might be where a journalist approaches you for an interview.  Continuous action will always help.

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