Action Goals vs. Results Goals

//Action Goals vs. Results Goals

Action Goals vs. Results Goals

Yesterday we talked about goal statements and the pitfalls of saying you would "try" to accomplish something with your chiropractic website. There’s another distinction with goal-setting to keep in mind: whether your goal statement is based on action or results.

An example of an action goal is "I will create five videos for my website by June 2011."

A results goal would be "I will have a weekly income of $4,000 by June 2011."

I would say most people are better off starting off with action goals. As long as you are realistic with what you can manage and leave enough of a timeline to deal with unexpected obstacles, you will predictably and consistently achieve your goals.

Having an amorphous goal of making a lot of money, or even getting a lot of patients, will cause more tension and confusion because you are always faced with the question "How am I going to do this?"

However, it is still essential to have your eye on the prize in terms of what results you want. It’s perfectly fine to focus on a weekly income of $4,000. I just would not suggest making a personal commitment to a monetary goal that could vary based on outside forces. Instead, commit yourself firmly to your action goals, while letting your results goal be your ongoing motivation for your action. This will take your practice and chiropractic website further than you could have ever imagined.

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