Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

//Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

Ad Extensions in Google AdWords


Google AdWords and Google Adwords Express have gotten a lot of press recently. If you participate in online advertisting, you have likely already used this service or are aware of the service.  Once you start to navigate the AdWords realm, it is important to employ all the relevant tools provided by Google to run effective AdWords campaigns.

These helpful tools, called Adwords extensions, will give a boost to your ad ranking and can have a significant impact on the success or failure of your campaigns. Google has relayed the importance of these extensions and their influence on your campaign, especially the following:

•    Sitelinks
•    Location
•    Call
•    Social

Google AdWords Ad Extensions for Chiropractors

Sitelinks Extensions

This type of extension is the most important when it comes to mobile search. These are the extra website pages (services, contact, specific product, etc.) that appear in an ad. They allow your ad more real estate on mobile devices and have the power to target what a potential client is looking for online.

Location Extensions

These types of extensions are important for two main reasons. The first is that your practice’s address is clearly stated with a clickable link to Google maps for easy navigation. The second is that you are using a Google service (Google+ for Business) to further emphasize your location. Not only are you attracting new patients, but you are employing the full suite of Google services (which can only help your SEO).  

Call Extensions

This extension type is important for helping to track the leads brought in by pay-per-click ads. Without proper call tracking information, money can be wasted on ads that aren’t effective. In SEO and AdWords, data is essential for making decisions and getting a great return on investment in the form of new patients.

Social Extensions

Social media extensions (Google+ specifically) are excellent ways to improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your pay-per-click ad since they show potential patients your patient review ratings.
Ad extensions are essential to an AdWords campaign because they help you stand out from your competitors. Additionally, they are great for SEO because the more Google services you use, the more comprehensive your online profile and the higher your rankings. Make your presence on Google AdWords complete by taking advantage of all its functionality and by incorporating ad extensions into your PPC campaign.

If you have questions about Google AdWords or marketing your chiropractic practice online, call 1-800-IMATRIX today. Our Internet Consultants provide one-on-one, personalized online marketing consultations for chiropractors.


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