Answering “Dumb Questions” from Your Patients

//Answering “Dumb Questions” from Your Patients

Answering “Dumb Questions” from Your Patients

The following is a real question asked in the advice column of a newspaper:

"Dear Abby, I have a man I can’t trust. He cheats so much, I’m
not even sure the baby I’m carrying is his."

When we see questions like this, our first instinct is to laugh, and second instinct is share with someone else (I’ve satisfied both by posting this).

The question is, how do you handle these questions when they’re asked of you as a professional? Suppose you get a question like "Will these exercises still help my back if I switch insurance?"

When this happens, you may want to sneer, chuckle, or stare with a confused look as you ponder how someone can be so stupid.

However, I suggest you take the reverse approach, and answer the question as "matter of fact" as if he or she asked if a back-brace would get in the way of the exercises. Since early classroom days, people have been scared to ask honest questions out of fear of ridicule. Often they know that a question has a high chance of embarrassment attached to it, but need to know for sure anyway.

 If you can be the chiropractor who is completely non-judgmental and passes on any opportunity to even internally find amusement to a patient’s question, then you will open yourself up to much greater opportunities. You’ll be the chiropractor your patients trust and refer their friends to. Being the "safe" health professional to ask a question to can be a unique selling proposition in itself. Never forget that.

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