Are You an Unlucky Chiropractor?

//Are You an Unlucky Chiropractor?

Are You an Unlucky Chiropractor?

This weekend I was watching an old Sopranos episode. It was originally from the year 2000, but if it had aired in 2008, you would have thought it epitomized the claims of unaccountability for certain players in the economic crash.

In the episode, there’s a guy named David, who is an acquaintance of some members of the mafia, but not a real friend or associate. He has a gambling problem, and wants to get in on a poker game they’re hosting. They refuse, and say he’d be in over his head in the game. He manages to track where the game is, then argue his way in, borrow $10,000 to play, then borrow another $10,000 after he loses, and manages to get $45,000 in debt within one night, costing him his savings, his business, and possessions. When the mob boss is slapping him around for being late on a payment, David has the nerve to say, "Please cut me a break… I’ve been unlucky!"

This is an extreme example of not taking responsibility for your predicament, but we all do it to an extent. When a situation doesn’t give us the outcome we want, we still have to acknowledge that we put ourselves in the situation where that risk would be likely.

This doesn’t mean you should "blame" yourself or feel bad over mistakes. It’s always a great first step to acknowledge that you are responsible for both your success and failures as a chiropractor.

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