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Posted on 10-21-2010

There is often an overwhelming amount of information available on how to improve your website.  Even some of the best instructional websites in search engine optimization can leave you dumbfounded on where to begin.

Do you start out by trading links with other chiropractors?

Do you build a site map?

Do you research "niche" keywords?

Today I'm going to give you an easy way you can start pushing your chiropractic practice up the search engines even if you have no SEO experience.   This technique is called "Optimizing Your Title Tag."

Your Title Tag is simply what goes into the top of your browser window.  As of today, the Title Tag for the blog you're reading begins with "Chiropractic Websites by ChiroMatrix." 

In your actual HTML code it's the space between <title> and </title>.  The Title Tag is the most important space SEO on your site.

Now what do you put in this space?  You can start by putting in the name of your practice, since you want people who know you by name to be able to find you.  You only have 70 characters altogether (including spaces), so make it count.

Next, put in your location.  This will put you well ahead of other chiropractors that aren't optimizing their site for their local area.

So an example of a basic title tag would be:

"Dr. Henry James, Chiropractor - Newport Beach, Orange County"

A little dull?  Maybe.  But Google will appreciate that you're telling your web visitors exactly what they're getting.  You can make your Title Tag a lot more exciting, as well as a lot more effective, but this is a great start if you're new to SEO.

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