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Posted on 10-28-2010

There are things you could be doing to improve your chiropractic business, but you're not doing them.

Don't get me wrong, you may be busy, but that doesn't mean you're being productive.  

There are really two types of unproductivity that come up when working on your business.

The first is simple inactivity.  It's the time you spend sitting on the couch watching TV, or goofing around on Facebook.

The second is a little more subtle, but just as devastating in wasting your time.  It's "in motion" laziness.  In this state, you are spending time on your business, but not really doing anything ultimately productive.  This is sometimes called "creative avoidance" and is expressed in the forms of organizing your email account, having meetings with colleagues that could have been settled in an email, and working on accounting for your office.  Some of these things need to be done, but could be done in a fraction of the time, or by someone else inexpensively.  In the end, it's the equivalent of being a warehouse worker and moving a box back and forth for two hours.  Yeah you've worked up a sweat, but nothing has really been done.

The most insidious part of "creative avoidance" is that it can come from an unconscious resistance to making your business prosperous.  This means that you are probably engaging in these activities without even realizing it.  The best way to correct this is to keep an open eye on what your activities are for the day and how long or frequent they need to be.  Ask yourself if that two hour marketing outreach project could have been done in a half hour.  Do you really need to check your email box every fifteen minutes, or would three times a day work? And most of all, are you really networking on Facebook, or just enjoying the warmth from the glowing social media bonfires?  When you can look at this honestly, your productivity will go up. 

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