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Posted on 11-22-2010

We live in an age where a new "expert" on internet marketing pops out of the woodwork every few days.  There's always some "must have" product that promises to take all the hassle out of marketing yourself online.  There are many general online marketing courses and eBooks, as well as chiropractor-specific ones.  

Here are some guidelines to make sure you don't get caught up in the hype.

1.    Only buy a new product after you've maximized what you can get out of the last one.  It can be addicting, and even enjoyable, to buy course after course on internet marketing.  The gurus have mastered the art of making buying a fun experience.  Chances are the last course you got isn't so outdated yet, so go through that one first.  There's no point in getting something new when your last one is still on your shelf.  This also includes the free websites and blogs you can check.  Often these products are rehashes of what's available anyway.

2.    Avoid all hype about "time limited offers" and "hurry before these sell out."  There's no reason for any internet marketing guru to limit the amount of products produced besides getting you in a frenzy to buy.  If there is an info-product launch that will vanish in a week, then don't bother.  It will come back again in a number of months when the guru needs more money.  By the time that day comes, you'll likely have figured out a lot of what you needed from free sources.

3.    Understand that no info product or "secret strategy" will hugely change your business success.  No matter what marketing formula or technique you learn, the big difference will be your own continuous action in applying it.  If you began applying yourself 100% with all the strategies you know now, you'd see a remarkable difference anyway.

Remember that this doesn't mean that info product launches are all "shady."  Just keep a realistic view of what you really need to build your chiropractic business.  

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