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Posted on 11-29-2010

In an earlier blog post, we talked about the best way to present a testimonial on your chiropractic website, and explained the differences between using text, audio, and video.  Today I want to present something a little different, namely the content of good testimonials.

A good testimonial is...

  • Short.  While an exceptionally good recovery story could merit a larger paragraph, it's better to have short pithy sayings.
  • Results oriented.  Having stories like "The doctor said I'd never be able to play football again, and now I'm the star quarterback for my high school team" is infinitely better than "Dr. Brown is a very professional and helpful chiropractor."
  • Uses numbers whenever possible.  "My range of motion in my shoulder went up 30% in a month."   "I look two inches taller, now that my posture has improved."
  • Appeals to "greed" emotions whenever possible.  "Everyone's telling me I look so attractive since I've been getting adjustments."  "I've made so much more money at work, now that my arthritis doesn't slow me down." etc.

Look at your chiropractic website and see how many testimonials have these qualities and how many are simply, "My chiropractor is a nice guy."  You'll be amazed at what happens when you change things up.  

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