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Posted on 11-30-2010

As a chiropractor, your business depends on your relationships with your patients.  It's much easier to treat regular patients than to find new ones all the time.  Having a great chiropractic website will help with this, and the next step is developing a systematized follow-up system to let your patients know you care.  One of the best ways to stand out is to see what other chiropractors are doing, and take it one step further.

A patient's birthday is the perfect opportunity for this.  A lot of companies send out emails for their customer's birthdays.  These are obviously automated, with many coming in at 12:01AM, 3:01AM, and 6:01AM, depending on your time zone.  These don't really count for much, as they can feel very impersonal.

Other businesses, including many doctors' offices, make the extra effort of sending out a card.  This is clearly better, and if the address is hand-written on the card or envelope, it takes it a step further.

If you really want to stand above the pack, pick up the phone and CALL on your patient's birthday.  This is not only unexpected, but extremely appreciated.   This is an age where many people judge their popularity based on how many "Happy Birthdays!"s they get on their Facebook wall, and a lot of insecurity can set in on that day.  If you have a female patient aged 50-60, there is a very good chance her son in college completely forgot about her birthday.  You calling will score you major points the next time she has a neck ache.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to do. Just set it up in your Google calendar or Outlook for all your patients' birthdays, and you'll be set for the entire year with reminders.

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