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Posted on 12-22-2010

So far, we've gone through how to set up your business cards, make the initial contacts, and basically set the stage to get someone you've met, while out of the office, to visit your chiropractic website.

Today we'll go over an often neglected or misunderstood part of networking: the follow-up.

Most chiropractors make one of two big errors when contacting someone they meet after a business card exchange. They either don't follow up enough or are very salesy when they do make contact.

When you meet someone you might like to do business with in the future, always act on the assumption that they will lose your card and forget about you five minutes after you part ways with them. No matter how excited this person may have been to check out your chiropractic website and give you a call, you can never count on this person following up with you. Sometimes they will reach out first, but treat this as a lucky bonus event, not a default.

Follow up with in a day or so over email, and possibly phone. It's better to use phone if the person sounded very motivated to set something up with you right away.

Your new contacts will fall into one of two categories:

1)    People who have explicitly said they're interested in paying for yours services
2)    People who haven't.

In the first category, whether you follow up over phone or email, it is perfectly fine to talk about the benefits of what you offer and suggest they visit your chiropractic website to find out more.

For the second category, you'll have to be much more mild in how you promote yourself. We'll go through more specifics in a later post.

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