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Posted on 02-21-2011

You may have noticed that on this blog, we advocate taking advantage of free resources for your chiropractic website as much as possible, including the great Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

Today we're going to take an about-face and tell you a free Google product you should avoid: Blogspot. It can be attractive to register a free blog at blogger.com, but here are three reasons why you should avoid it.

1)    Unlike free analytics and webmaster tools, Blogspot makes it visible to your patients that you're using a free blogging platform, which can make you look unsophisticated or unsuccessful.
2)    There is a "Report Abuse" link right at the top, which lets either competitors or chiropractic haters to jeopardize your site for no reason.
3)    There are links to leave your blog and browse other Blogspot pages. This can't help you, as you want your patients to stay in your chiropractic universe.

Chiromatrix has its own iBlog feature to let you get all of the benefits of a blog for your chiropractic website, without having any of these problems. Talk to your Customer Support Coach about this to get started.


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