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Posted on 02-28-2011

If you have a "Request an Appointment" form for your ChiroMatrix chiropractic website, you might wonder when you should follow up. If someone becomes a lead on Friday night, should you wait until Monday or make the contact on Saturday?

We would say that you should follow up with your new lead as quickly as possible. Many of your prospects want a chiropractor right away, and if you have an appointment open 3 hours from now, they'll snag it if they can. They may also have contacted 3 other chiropractors, and if you're the first to call back, even on a Saturday, you may get them as a long term patient.

The only limitation to this is respecting their sleep hours (and possibly Sunday, if your community treats that as a no business day). When it's not an appropriate time to call, you can always email them back and invite them to schedule through email, with a note that you'll call the next business day otherwise. This is the best way to capitalize with prospects on your chiropractic website.

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