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Posted on 03-18-2011

Every now and then we like to share a web tool that can help you be more productive, get more patients, or get more traffic to your chiropractic website. Today, I wanted to share a tool that SEOmoz posted about today on their site. The original SEOmoz article is here.

When you use Google Intelligence custom alerts, you can get a heads up immediately when something is a bit out of whack with your traffic, lead conversion, or site processing. For example, if your web traffic drops 50% in a day, you can be alerted over email. Maybe this means that you lost a valuable linking site or that Google lowered your rankings. An alert like this would help with that.

You can use this for other factors as well, such as if your traffic spikes up or flatlines. This can alert you to site management issues. See what you can do with this.

Tassilyn said:

Haha, shouldn't you be chragnig for that kind of knowledge?!

2011-08-20 02:30:07

Eagle said:

A few years ago I'd have to pay smeoone for this information.

2011-08-20 11:12:38

vyhbetnjhh said:

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2011-08-22 06:50:37

yvuezp said:

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2011-08-22 08:06:28

xxxzwbwazmv said:

zGARAh uokkisxzpghh

2011-08-25 08:43:26

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