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Posted on 03-21-2011

Every month at ChiroMatrix, we have some cake, candles, and fun to celebrate recent birthdays on the team. Today it got a little interesting.

We ordered two cakes, a Raspberry Bavarian Cream and a Chocolate. On the outside, both had white frosting, but there were chocolate shavings all over one of them to help us tell the difference.

The shocking truth we discovered when cutting the cakes, were that that NEITHER were Chocolate. They were both Raspberry Bavarian Cream, and our order had been screwed up. The chocolate shavings on top were merely smoke and mirrors.

I don't think the bakery tried to screw us over, but it brought an interesting lesson to the table. If you make a mistake in your services, don't try to dress it up. As nice as the chocolate shavings were, it only delayed the inevitable disappointment and actually made us even more annoyed than if we hadn't been misled by the appearance. 

Michelle said:

That may have been a bigger upset than what we saw in our March Madness brackets last weekend.

2011-03-22 07:43:32

Asaf said:

Good post Dan, you should label this post "life lessons learned from a dessert" :)

2011-03-22 21:01:37

Billybob said:

THX that's a great aneswr!

2011-08-20 17:23:25

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