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Posted on 07-18-2012

5 Tips and Tricks for Great Video


Shooting your first video for your business can be tricky. There are many factors that go into getting that perfect shot. These factors include lighting, sound quality, script and so much more. Here are 5 tips to think about before shooting your first video.

1.    Make it enjoyable and SMILE!
Everyone has seen a video where the speaker seems to be bored or speaking in monotone. Shoot a couple practice shots to get the nerves out and practice the script before you shoot so you don’t end up sounding like Ben Stein. Smile, it will make a world of a difference to the way your viewers perceive you.  If you are enjoying yourself, your viewers will likely enjoy the video.
2.    Make sure the camera is steady.
Having a shaky video can ruin every video no matter how good the subject. Most cameras have an image stabilizer built in. However, the image stabilizer can only do so much. If you plan on shooting several videos, you might want to pick up a tripod to remove the shake. If you’re not planning on using the camera all the time find something to rest it on top of (e.g. a stack of books).

3.    Showcase your office
Many factors can weigh in to picking a location. Look for a spot that will be recognizable or correlates with your topic. You wouldn’t want to shoot a chiropractic video in a kitchen. Correct Care Family Chiropractic does a good job at showing different areas of the practice.
This helps viewers become comfortable with your practice before they even make an appointment!

4.    Talk about what makes your practice unique
People are watching this video to get a better understanding for who you are or what you do. Tell your audience in a compelling manner. This is your life and passion you’re representing; use phrases such as “we believe that…” will help people connect with you and see you are passionate about what you do. Think of questions that you can answer “why do I do this procedure?” and “What makes me unique?” Try and STAND OUT from the crowd.

5.    Lighting & Sound
So you found the perfect spot but it looks like you are shooting in the middle of the night. You don’t need to purchase an expensive lighting system to fix the light issue. First move the subject (speaker) around the room to find the best exposure and sound quality. You can also use a large piece of white paper or reflective material to re-focus light. Adding an additional light source (such as a lamp) to provide more light will also help.

Background noise can be an issue when shooting a video. Make sure the area you are in is away from the noise going on in the office. When speaking make sure the volume of your voice is at a proper level.  Having good sound quality could be the difference from having a good video or a great video.

These 5 tips will get you started to shooting a great video. Remember to always have fun while filming, if you’re not having fun, no one watching will.

If you are interested in a custom video for your chiropractic practice, but are not sure where to start, call our ChiroMatrix Internet Consultants at 1-800-IMATRIX today. Our Internet Consultants are ready to help you learn about our Media Service and chiropractic custom video solution.

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