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Posted on 10-31-2012


A PPC retargeting campaign targets website visitors with ads based on your search engine activity. Have you ever visited a website only to then see ads for that particular product or service on other websites? This may be due to a retargeting campaign. With retargeting you have the ability to track visitors on the web with your ads after they have left your site.

Let’s look at an example: Someone searches on Google for “car insurance” and then clicks on a site for XYZ Car Insurance from the search results. After leaving the website, the user continues searching online. The user begins to see relevant ads from XYZ Car Insurance on other websites they are viewing. 

Search retargeting focuses on visitors who have previously seen your site  by showing them text, image or video ads on internet display networks. This differs from buying display ads because retargeting is aimed at visitors to your site that have triggered the remarketing criteria you established.

If you are wondering how visitors are tracked, here is how it works:


Choose a retargeting pixel (script) to put into the <Head> section of your website, a services page or a specific product. After a potential patient visits any of those pages, a website cookie will track their future searches. The visitor is then added to an “audience” list as part of your Google Analytics session. Visitors on the audience list can fall into different categories depending on their search behavior while on your site. Those groups will be shown your ads as they navigate to other sites in the display networks you are running ads on.

This remarketing concept has been used by a large number of businesses, both online and offline. For example, have you ever received a coupon for a car oil change in the mail? You may not decide to use the coupon at that time, but continual marketing will keep that Oil Change Provider stored in the back of your mind. Then, when your car does need an oil change you will remember the Oil Change Provider and use one of their coupons. By focusing marketing efforts specifically on consumers who have shown interest in your product/service, this prequalifies them as becoming a potential new patient.

After a visitor converts from your retargeting ad, they can be removed from your “audience” via the pixel script. There are multiple versions of retargeting that can be added to your site for the purposes of marketing in different ways to users after a conversion. By doing this, you reduce spam for those who have already converted.

If you have not started your retargeting campaign, a good recommendation is to build your “audience” to get an idea of what people are searching for when they come to your site. Retargeting campaigns may seem overwhelming at first, but we at ChiroMatrix are here to help. Call us today at 1-800-IMATRIX for information about how we can manage your PPC campaign.

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