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Posted on 02-13-2013


 Although ChiroMatrix does not provide reputation management, we do have several options for how to respond to a bad online review.

Whether people are looking for a product or service, they often look at review sites before making their final purchase decision. You may believe that a negative review could harm your business, but you can turn that negative review into a positive for your practice. A bad review gives you the chance to show prospective patients how you handle adversity and the awesome practice you have built.

Get to Know the Online Review Sites

First, you should become familiar with websites and directories that host online reviews, including:

  •     Yelp
  •     Google Places
  •     Insider Pages
  •     Merchantcircle
  •     SuperPages
  •     Yahoo Local

Some online review sites allow you to delete the review and some allow you to edit it, but all of them allow you to respond to the review.

Maintain a Professional Attitude

When responding to bad reviews, the key is to remain professional and keep in mind that prospective patients will make decisions based on how you handle a negative situation. Reviews don’t disappear, so don’t ignore them. Try to look at it from you patient’s point of view. Never attack the reviewer. Do not get defensive. Take the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons.

Always Thank the Reviewer

Take a breath and consider what you are going to write in response to the review. Always thank the reviewer for their patronage and feedback. Thanking the reviewer will ease any uncertainty from other users who are considering visiting your chiropractic practice.


Consumers today are well informed and understand that one negative review does not mean a chiropractor is terrible. A bad review here and there actually increases the credibility of the reviews on the site. Practices that have been in business for a while will eventually get a negative review, but these can be overshadowed by all the great reviews.

Show Patients You Care

Keep in mind that reviews are all about perception and, whether the review is wrong or right, you have the power to change the perception of potential patients. Responding to reviews says that you care and will take care of patients no matter what. You will not have to worry about a negative review affecting your business if you respond to it in a timely and professional manner.

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Josh said:

I recently received a negative review and do not know how to legally respond. U don't want to admit fault and I do not think any wrong was done on my part. Also, I just found out about the review and its been out for awhile. Has too much time gone by to respond.

2013-06-16 23:43:59

ChiroMatrix said:

@Josh - thank you for your question. While the review may be from awhile ago, it is best to still respond. The best way to respond without admitting fault is to thank them for their review and ask if you could please contact them to get more feedback and let them know you would like to find a solution. State that patient feedback is essential to your business and that you strive to meet the needs of all patients. Provide them an email where they can send more information if they are not comfortable giving out their phone number. If you need more information or tips on handling negative reviews, give us a call at 1-800-IMATRIX. Thank you.

2013-06-21 08:32:20

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