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Posted on 10-16-2013


One of the best ways for your chiropractic practice to get the word out about what products and services you offer is through a demonstration video. This type of video focuses on a certain product or service, how it works, or a new and innovative procedure. It can also highlight helpful tips for your patients to use at home or in their daily life. By following the five tips outlined below, you will create a demonstration video that you can feel confident about.

Demonstration videos show how a product or service works

Find Your Target Audience

Identify the audience you are speaking to. If your video is demonstrating a new piece of chiropractic equipment in your office, be sure the focus is on how the equipment works and how it is beneficial for your patients. Do not stray from the subject by going into the history about it. Your audience is tuned in to what it can do for them, not how it came about.

Prepare a Script

Outline what you want to cover in your video, type it up, and practice speaking out loud what you have written. You may need to edit it a few times before you film it. Preparing what to say will help you appear more confident in your video. Remember you are the expert and it should come across that way.

Keep It to a Minimum

You will want to maintain a video length of approximately 90 seconds or less for maximum impact. Audiences will become distracted or impatient if a video is too long. Stay focused on your topic to help get your information across in a timely manner. If more information is necessary, create a second video and encourage your viewers to keep watching.

Keep videos short to improve the viewer experience

Define Your Message

If you are demonstrating something that can be done at home, such as a specific exercise, make sure to clearly show what it is you want them to do. Words alone may cause confusion and may not be enough to convey your message. Clearly define what you want viewers to do through visual cues and easily understandable terms.

Create a Video Distribution Plan

Decide where you want your audience to view your video. Will you share it through your social media pages such as your Facebook and Google+? Will it be available on your website? Will it be included in a newsletter sent to your patient list? Knowing where you want your video to appear can determine your audience and the content you prepare as well.

Demonstration videos can be an important step used to grow your chiropractic practice and audience. Creating these educational videos helps show your patients that you go the extra mile when it comes to their care.

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