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Posted on 11-13-2013


Keep Your Chiropractic Business Current in the Ever-Changing Social Media World

Not too long ago, social media simply served as a fun way to keep in touch online with family and friends. In present day, social media is an important factor in whether an online marketing campaign is a success. Its potential to reach and impact hundreds, if not thousands, of users is beneficial for any business strategy.

Nearly every week there are updates within social media networks. As part of the Social Service and higher-tiered products here at iMatrix, we offer account management of your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ chiropractic business platforms. Here are recent changes each of those social media sites have recently debuted.

Facebook Enhances Analytics


If you are already a manager of your chiropractic business page, you may be familiar with Facebook’s Insights Dashboard. This tool gives insight into important information about how your posts are performing and how much engagement you are receiving.  It will specify which posts your Facebook fans are engaging with more. For example, how many people liked it? Commented on it? These analytics are important to know as you choose future social content for your business page.

Good news! With the recent launch of our updated dashboard for iMatrix websites, you can get a broad picture of the amount of likes, engagement, and reach your social media is achieving.  Facebooks’s Insight Dashboard goes deeper into those determining factors so you can adjust your social content calendar accordingly.

Twitter Creates Visual Enhancements

Twitter is known for its steady stream of character-limited information with links to lengthier news stories. Users have always had the capability to upload photos with their tweets which could be viewed if the picture link was clicked. Now, Twitter has made a more visually appealing timeline, automatically showing uploaded photos in the newsfeed without having to click an additional link. Benefit from this to create increased brand and/or product recognition for your chiropractic practice.

Google+ Allows Vanity URLs


Directing your patients to your Google+ URL may be difficult since it includes a string of random numbers that are hard to remember. Google+ has made it easier by offering vanity URLs. To claim yours, your business profile must include a profile photo, at least 10 followers, and an account that is more than 30 days old. Similar to the vanity URLs of Facebook, your Google+ URL can reflect your business name rather than a series of meaningless numbers.

Social media is always rolling out with something new to offer businesses. We can help guide you through what’s new and how it can benefit your business. If you are interested in our Social Service, call us today at 1-800-IMATRIX.


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