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Posted on 10-08-2014

By Tony Leng

So you want to showcase your practice with a chiropractic video, but aren’t sure where to start? In this blog, I’ll share general tips for chiropractors to help you get ready to be in front of a camera.

1.    Schedule Your Chiro Video Shoot

Schedule your chiropractic video or photo shoot to take place during down time at your office. During a long lunch break or after hours is best. Scheduling during down time reduces ambient noise and prevents accidental interruptions or people walking through the background. Additionally, with less overall activity going on, you will be able to focus on your video or photo shoot.

Schedule Your Chiropractic Video Shoot

2.    Prep the Shoot Location

Look over your office and determine which areas you would like to highlight during the shoot. Prepare the areas prior to the shoot by removing clutter, cleaning, and ensuring there is enough space for you and the photographer or videographer to move around and place equipment.

3.    Select the Right Props

After selecting the shoot locations, choose possible props for your video or photo. As a chiropractor, you may want to include a patient table or specific instruments you use during adjustments. Props aren’t just inanimate objects; they include you, your staff, and patients as well. You may want a picture of you and your whole staff in the reception area or a photo of you working with a patient. Make sure that everyone you need present during the shoot is available and willing.

4.    Professional Appearance

Your shoot is on the calendar, your locations are selected, and the people and props you want included are ready. Now it’s time to make sure you look your best. Dress in a manner that best reflects your practice. Wear clothes that fit properly and aren’t visually distracting on camera. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before your scheduled shoot and stay hydrated so you won’t have dark circles under your eyes.

Professional Appearance for Video and Photo Shoot

5.    Create a Rough Script

If you plan to speak on camera, create a rough script that covers essential messages that you want to cover. Have another person proofread the script and be sure to practice it out loud. This process helps you become confident when speaking on camera.
Lights, camera, action! It’s time to set up your professional, HD chiropractic video shoot. Call 1-800-IMATRIX to learn more about our custom chiropractic video and advertising service.


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