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Posted on 10-15-2014

By: Michelle McDaniel Jondall

When getting ready to film a chiropractic video in your office, there are several things you want to avoid doing in front of the camera. Below are helpful tips on what to refrain from doing on camera.

1.    Avoid Negative Chemistry

If you plan on having several people on camera, make sure that each person has equal speaking time. When one person does all the talking and the other stays silent, it gives a negative perception.

Avoid Distracting Clothing on Camera

2.    Distracting Clothing

Your best bet is to wear solid colors when on camera. Specifically, neutrals and pastels look best in videos. Keep in mind that solid white looks overly bright and solid black or navy is way too dark. Avoid wearing busy patterns and neon colors as well.

3.    Avoid a Messy Set

Before filming, straighten up and remove any clutter from counters and desks. Minimal clutter helps to avoid distractions and viewers will focus more on what you are saying.

Avoid a Messy Set When Filming

4.    Don’t Stare into the Camera

Try not to smile the entire time since the effect can look like you have a frozen face. Rather, use subtle gestures and, when necessary, have a few props to keep the audience engaged.

5.    Avoid Using “Pause” Words

Avoid filler words such as “like,” “and,” or “um” on camera. Be sure not to stutter either as this can be distracting and will make you appear nervous. Be sure to practice ahead of time and have a script to avoid using any filler words.

6.    Avoid Too Much Content

Avoid too much content by sticking to a list of key points. Keep it simple and stay on point.

7.    Avoid Negatives

Always focus on positive things that your chiropractic practice has done. Stay away from things that can be perceived as negative, such as any chiropractic services you don’t offer.

8.    Avoid Using Technical Terms

Remember who your audience is and keep your language simple. Do not use technical terms that only other chiropractors would understand.

9.    Talking Too Fast

Remember to breathe naturally while filming. Go slow and cover all the points you have drafted. If necessary, break up your points into multiple videos.

10.    Avoid Improvising

Always practice your chiropractic video in advance. Make any changes during practice. If at all possible, ask a friend or employee to record your practice sessions so you know what to avoid on camera.

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