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Posted on 10-22-2014


You spent a good amount of time setting up your video shoot, deciding what to cover in the video, where to record, who to feature, and what should be said. After all that time and effort, you video is finally complete and uploaded to the internet. What next?

Uploading your chiropractic video to sites like YouTube or Vimeo is only the first step to success. Real results come to those who separate themselves from the crowd and take time to promote their media across various online resources.

Share on Social Media

Social media is an easy way to market your online chiropractic videos. Copy the link to your online video and place them as a status update on your company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Share Video on Social Media

Sharing your video with your followers increase your exposure and broadens the audience of your video. Encourage followers to watch, like, and share your online video. This will multiply the exposure and increase the views of your video.

Marketing Materials

Be sure to include links to your online videos in relevant opt-in newsletters, brochures, or other advertising materials. Incorporate a link to your video channel online in your chiropractic email newsletters and printed marketing materials you send to patients and local residents.


Embed your video on your chiropractic website to elicit more views and increase exposure. Place a video on the landing page of your website to increase the odds that your website will show up on the first page of Google.

Add Online Video to Your Website

Traditional Public Relations

If you would like to share your online video with the general public, consider traditional public relations strategies. Write and publish a press release, call or email local news outlets, industry groups, publications, and relevant blogs. Provide them a link to your online chiropractic video so they can include it in their coverage of your practice.

Promote Videos Using PR Tactics

If you have the capability, play the videos on a monitor in your practice. It’s a great way to advertise specific services and specials.

With a little extra effort and creative thinking, you can gain a lot of exposure for your online chiropractic videos. Other avenues to consider for posting your chiropractic videos are blogs, relevant forum discussions, TrueView advertising, or commenting on relevant online videos.

Learn more about video marketing for chiropractors, contact us today at 1-800-462-8749.


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