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Posted on 10-29-2014

By: Casey Lorz

Showcasing patient testimonial videos on your chiropractic website not only tells potential patients what services you offer, but can also provide a trustworthy recommendation of your chiropractic services.

The Perfect Patient Video Testimonial

The ideal patient testimonial video should have the following attributes:

1.    Authenticity

Ideally, you will film the testimonial at your practice so viewers can get a sense of your chiropractic business and a true feel for a positive patient experience. When possible, include a product or chiropractic service in the video too.Authenticity Is Key to Video Testimonials

2.    Relevant Message

While having patients share a positive comment about your business is nice, having them share an entire positive experience provides more information and creates a deeper level of trust.
Positive comment: “Dr. Neo provided great care.” While this comment is positive, it is vague and doesn’t share any information with potential patients about your services.   

Story: “I have been a patient of Dr. Neo here at Village Chiropractic for 10 years and will continue to bring my children here as well. Village Chiropractic is simply the best chiropractic practice! From babies to seniors, through every wellness visit, my kids and I have received the most professional and natural care!  Whether I see Dr. Neo on the hiking trail or at the local coffee shop, the first question is always about our last visit and how I’m feeling.  From our family to yours, “Thank you very much, for always being there for us!”  This testimonial provides storytelling which helps describe your chiropractic practice and engage potential patients.

3.    Informative Answers

The more direct your questions are to the patient providing the testimonial, the more explanatory the patient’s answers will be in the video. Below are sample questions to help elicit informative testimonials from your patients.

What is your name and where do you live?
How long have you been a patient of BUSINESS NAME?        
Why did you initially come see us?
What keeps you coming back to see us?
Would you recommend our services? If so, why?
Is there anything you want potential patients to know?

Before filming a patient testimonial, make sure to have all participants read and sign a testimonial release form. The form lets them know you will use the testimonial on your website and gets their consent.

Learn more about how online video can benefit your chiropractic practice. Call 1-800-462-8749 to chat with an Internet Marketing Consultant.


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