Best Practices for Chiropractic Website Navigation

//Best Practices for Chiropractic Website Navigation

Best Practices for Chiropractic Website Navigation

Best Practices for Chiropractic Website Navigation


There are many great and terrible ways to create website navigation for your chiropractic website. In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the great ways to make website navigation easy and user-friendly. When designing navigation, always keep in mind that it is designed for current and potential patients, not you. Before you begin any website changes, grab a pencil and paper (otherwise known as “old school” planning instruments). Create an outline of what you intend to do on your chiropractic website. Don’t jump right into building your site without a clear plan.

Chiropractic Website Navigation blueprint

Your Navigation Bar Must BE DESCRIPTIVE!

A navigation bar must always be descriptive. Online users will not be searching terms like ‘home,’ ‘about,’ ‘service,’ or ‘contact.’ Using generic labels on your menu bar doesn’t help patients locate your website. Conversely, don’t confuse potential patients with words they won’t be searching for or that are too technical for them to understand. Make sure the terms you use match the intent of the searcher.

Navigation Bar Must BE DESCRIPTIVE

Max Out at Seven

Always limit your menu bar to seven items or less. Too many items on the menu can overwhelm a patient and reduces the SEO strength of each page. Get patients to where they want to go by displaying the most important pages on the menu. Ever dined at a restaurant with a 10 page menu? It can be overwhelming and confusing. Rather, highlight key items on the menu bar and you’ll improve conversions. Order is important, so be sure to place the important items first where they will be noticed right away.

Let Patients Know Where They Are & Where They’ve Been

Help patients easily navigate your website with breadcrumbs. A ‘breadcrumb’ is a link trail that displays the path to the current page being viewed. Keep relevant pages in one spot so patients can easily find their way around your chiropractic website. Always have a link to the homepage, via a logo or a link in the menu bar, so that patients can get back to the start whenever they want.

Create Meaningful Anchor Text

Text that you create a hyperlink from is called anchor text. Anchor text should be descriptive and should take a patient to a page that relates to that text. For instance, you wouldn’t link the words “back pain” to a page that discusses foot pain. If the anchor text doesn’t link to relevant information, you will lose credibility with patients and search engines.

Check out our recent blogs to learn more about search engine optimization for chiropractors (<— anchor text) or give us a call at 1-800-IMATRIX.

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