Best Practices for Chiropractors on Twitter

//Best Practices for Chiropractors on Twitter

Best Practices for Chiropractors on Twitter


When it comes to expanding your presence on social media, Twitter can provide new ways to get more followers. Today’s blog will discuss the best practices for using Twitter in addition to offering tips for creating an environment that welcomes followers.

Upload an Appealing Profile Picture

Your profile picture appears every time you update your Twitter with a new post. You can capitalize on this for your chiropractic social media campaign by using your practice’s logo or a photo of the doctor. Make sure to use a clear image for your profile picture, which needs to fit into the Twitter parameters of 25×25 pixels.

Write a Strong Bio

The bio section will include a small snippet about your chiropractic practice and services. Twitter limits bio information to 160 characters (including punctuation and spaces), so make sure you succinctly state how you can help potential patients and what will be gained if they connect with you on Twitter.


Develop a Good “Follow” Strategy

As part of your chiropractic social media strategy, “follow” other businesses that relate to your industry. By following business, they most likely will follow your practice as well. You should follow people and businesses that are credible and are held in high esteem within the chiropractic community. Also, follow your patients to keep up to date with them as well.

Keep the Online Conversation Going

Make sure you check your Twitter account every day and take a few minutes to read through tweets directed at your practice. When using social media for chiropractors, a best practice is to respond to tweets and thank patients for taking time to reach out to your practice. Additionally, ask your Twitter audience questions to get feedback about your business and services so you can learn where to improve.

Spread the Word About Your Twitter Page

When sharing your Twitter information with your patients, remember that your Twitter handle will begin with “@” in front of it. Include your Twitter handle on your business cards, letterhead, client receipts and in your email signature. Ask your staff to let your patients know you are on Twitter and create Twitter-only offers or discounts to encourage more patients to follow you. By offering a Twitter-exclusive special, this will encourage new patients to follow you and will benefit patients already following you.

Twitter may not seem like much at first, but if you implement best practices and give it focused attention and time, you can use this social media site to benefit and grow your chiropractic practice.

For more information about social media for chiropractors, call 1-800-MATRIX and speak to one of our Internet Consultants today.

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