Building an Effective Chiropractic PPC Ad

//Building an Effective Chiropractic PPC Ad

Building an Effective Chiropractic PPC Ad


The text of your chiropractic PPC ad is essential to the success of your overall PPC campaign. Many online consumers decide whether to click on an online ad in a few seconds or less. For this reason, the chiropractic ad must be relevant to their online search, show why your chiropractic or wellness services benefit them, and have an attractive call-to-action (CTA). While that seems like a lot to ask of three lines of text, there are helpful and universal guidelines you can follow.

Relevance Matters

In order to get clicks on your chiropractic ad, your ad needs to be relevant to the potential patient’s search. If your ad offers them what they are looking for, the battle is half over. Google favors highly relevant ads in the Quality Score. Quality Score and max Cost-Per-Click (CPC) are the main factors Google uses to determine ad position on a results page. You can achieve a better ad position without increasing your PPC spend by making relevant chiropractic ads. This will also increase your ad’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

The easiest way to do this is to ensure the keyword your potential patient is using to search for is part of your ad headline. For example, a search for “Chiropractor in New York City” should include a variation of terms, such as “Top New York Chiropractor,” “Top rated NYC chiropractor,” or “New York City Chiropractor.”  Ad headlines can only be 25 characters.

Building an Effective Chiropractic PPC Ad

What Makes You Different?

Why should a potential patient choose your chiropractic ad over the other ads displayed in the search? This is where you let potential patients know what makes you and your practice unique. Are you open late? Do you have a new patient discount? Do you have 25 years in practice? These are great ways to stand out and can improve the odds that your ad will be clicked on.

Call-to-Action (CTAs)

After getting the attention of a potential patient, you need to convert them into a new patient. A strong call-to-action (CTA) is the next element. Make your offer the last line of the description in your ad since only this will be shown under the headline for chiropractic ad at the top of the page. Examples are “25% Off First Exam, Act Now!,” “Instant appointment, Call now!,” and “Pain free therapy, Get started now!”

Display and Destination URL

The display URL is the URL displayed in the ad and the destination is the URL it sends users to on your chiropractic website. A display URL is helpful for creating a clean and easy to read URL in the ad, while still using the longer URL for tracking purposes. The domain for the display and destination MUST be the same or Google will not allow your chiropractic ad.

Using Ad Rotation for Automatic Testing

One of the best ways to test the effectiveness of your ad is to try different versions. The great thing is that testing this is easy in AdWords. For every ad group, you can create multiple ad variants, try various headlines, calls-to-action, etc. AdWords will rotate these and automatically gives preference to the ads with the best click-through-rates (CTR). Once you have data on the different versions, you can combine the variables to produce the most effective combination of headlines, descriptions, and CTAs.

Closing Points

Follow these basic rules for effective chiropractic ads and you will have a better performing ad than most of the other chiropractors in your local market.
•    Keep it simple, potential patients decide in seconds which ad to choose
•    Be relevant, include the search keyword in your headline
•    Be different, explain what makes your practice stand out
•    Close the deal, put a call-to-action in the last line that gives them a reason to click
•    Test and optimize, creating multiple variants and learning from the results

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