Capitalization in Your Chiropractic Website

//Capitalization in Your Chiropractic Website

Capitalization in Your Chiropractic Website

One question that comes up sometimes is how capitalization fits with your chiropractic website. Does it matter if your URL has capital letters in it? What about your actual content?

In terms of ranking for your keywords, it doesn’t matter if your keywords are capitalized or not. This is true for both your backlink anchor text and your on-page content. However, capitalizing words awkwardly is never a good idea from a user standpoint.

As for your URL, the capitalization does not affect search rankings, but it really can affect how easy it is for users to find or link to you. It’s best to keep all your URL’s completely lower case. The domain name is automatically converted to lower case, but your directories and file names are case-sensitive. The one reason you’d want an upper case filename is if you want to limit traffic to people who’ve clicked a link.

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