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ChiroMatrix’s Content Options

At ChiroMatrix, our goal is to help chiropractic practices of all sizes attract new patients to their office doors while engaging with their current ones to foster patient loyalty, thanks to the use of our mobile-responsive websites and online marketing solutions.

Because the ChiroMatrix team strives to help burgeoning practices, thriving practices and every chiropractic practice in between, we offer a broad range of online marketing solutions to fit every budget and every need.

One way that we are able to satisfy a wide variety of chiropractors' unique needs is by offering different service levels, including different levels of website content. Here’s a quick look at the different levels of content that ChiroMatrix clients have access to — all of which help our clients achieve success, at a price point each one is comfortable with.

Community Content

Even chiropractors who are just starting out need a mobile-responsive website. Without one, prospective and current patients simply can’t find the chiropractor or information about their practice online. In today’s digital age, not having a website with reputable content that informs visitors is a detriment to the practice’s chance at success.

However, burgeoning chiropractic practices might not be able to afford 50 pages of unique, custom content for their website. For clients like these, ChiroMatrix offers what we call “community content.”

Community content is written by authorities in the chiropractic field and covers all pertinent chiropractic topics, from traditional spinal adjustments and other auto injury treatments to holistic and preventative treatments for optimal wellness.

ChiroMatrix clients that select our Starter, Reputation Builder or Media Service all share the community website content. This content serves as a helpful resource that prospective and current patients can turn to, when they need general information about chiropractic care. Community content is engaging, includes a call to action that encourages visitors to take action (such as inspiring them to schedule an appointment) and helps burgeoning practices cultivate online visibility.

How Community Content Affects Search Rankings

Some of ChiroMatrix’s competitors have incorrectly posited that sharing our community content harms a website’s search ranking. This is simply wrong. While sharing community content might not enhance a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) value, it does not harm a website’s search rankings — because our team takes special precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our website developers add specific HTML coding to the backend of our community content, which instructs all search engines, including Google, not to crawl, or index, these pages. This means that the search engines simply don’t factor in the community content when deciding how to rank a website. Furthermore, our community content keeps online visitors on our clients’ webpages for longer periods of time and helps reduce website bounce rates, two factors that search engines do take into consideration when ranking a website.

Custom Content Available Too!

In addition, ChiroMatrix provides unique, custom content for our clients who wish to take their website to the next level. ChiroMatrix clients who select our Premium, Velocity or Dominator Service — all of which includes search engine optimization — receive custom website content as well as custom press releases and more.

With Premium, Velocity or Dominator, ChiroMatrix clients get increased organic website traffic and improved search rankings!

Learn More

Whether you are a chiropractor who is just starting out or one who is ready to get your website on Google’s first search results page, ChiroMatrix offers an online marketing solution that is perfect for you! Call 1-855-587-6800 to learn more.

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