Chiropractic Staff Competency

//Chiropractic Staff Competency

Chiropractic Staff Competency

Dan Kennedy, an expert in chiropractic marketing, had this very profound quote on his blog last week:

"It is SO rare these days that anyone who reveals himself, within an organization or to a clientele or market, as being solidly competent.  He quickly attracts far, far, far more work or customers and clients or opportunity than can be handled.

It is, in fact, how we all kill The Competent Employee: you have five but one is The Competent One. All work and responsibility gravitates to her until she is so overwhelmed she becomes incompetent."  (Source:

Your practice may be full of competent staff, but this is something worth considering.  Do you have someone who ends up taking the brunt of the work and burning out?  Something to think about.

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