Chiropractic Webinars and Responsibility

//Chiropractic Webinars and Responsibility

Chiropractic Webinars and Responsibility

In all types of businesses, the webinar is becoming more popular.  This is similar to a teleconference, but instead, you teach something over the internet and people can see your presentation on their screen.  For information and health businesses, there is a lot of opportunity.

One thing I’ve noticed in this affair, as well as in teleconferences, is the lack of responsibility that speakers can take in the project.  In the beginning of one this morning, the speaker said, "There is an echo, whoever is on speaker phone, please mute yourself."  In another presentation six months ago, a speaker actually shut the presentation off because someone had music playing in the background and either didn’t realize it or was unwilling to respect the speaker.

When you take responsibility for your business, you have to assume 100% responsibility for your patient and prospect experience.  This means that you don’t leave success in the hands of other people, especially webinar viewers that you have never met.  Instead, you set up systems and contingencies, so no matter what fate throws your way, you are prepared to deal with it.  This may mean muting all callers yourself, or choosing a different webinar company that gives you more control.  When an unanticipated circumstance comes up that you can’t resolve, you take note and adjust for next time.  Simple as that.

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