Choosing a Chiropractic Website Domain

//Choosing a Chiropractic Website Domain

Choosing a Chiropractic Website Domain

When you’re picking a domain name for your chiropractic website, you want to be cognizant of how Google will treat what you come up with. Google is on guard against web spammers and scammers, so they have a system to determine how trustworthy your site is.

SEOmoz came up with a great tool to help predict whether your domain name will be penalized by Google. The URL is The lower the spam score, the better, with 1.0 being the "danger" point

A URL like "" gets a score of 0.393

On the other hand, "" gets a gnarly score of 1.185.

A great thing about the tool is that it gives you a breakdown on what parts of your domain will be raising flags. You’ll find it helpful to run your chiropractic website domain through this before choosing anything.

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