Choosing Social Media Content for Your Practice

//Choosing Social Media Content for Your Practice

Choosing Social Media Content for Your Practice


Not sure where to start with selecting content to share on your chiropractic practice’s social media pages? Once you have set up your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business pages, you should start sharing engaging content. But how do you know what is appropriate to share? In this week’s blog, we’ll look at what makes for engaging content on social media pages.


Quality Content Gets Great Engagement

Where should you look for quality content to share with your chiropractic patients? Quality content can include funny photos, articles that give easy tips, demonstration videos, or quotes about chiropractic care. Read and share content from trusted online news sources or online sites that share similar beliefs. Post articles or images from these sources that relate to your industry and will be relevant to your patients.

Avoid sharing content from websites that look spammy or are not credible.

Vary Up the Content You Share

Silly images or chiropractic cartoons are often entertaining, but only posting images and cartoons will soon fatigue your fans and followers. Vary up the type of content you share to keep your fans and followers engaged.


Accuracy is Key to Great Posts

chiropractor_cat.jpgRead through and spell check all of your posts. Unless a misspelling is intentional for humor, a spelling error will appear unprofessional and may damage your practice’s reputation.

Anything you share should also be factually correct. Ensure quotes are attributed to the proper source and that articles rely on factual information. Relying on credible news sources will reduce the need to check facts.

Keep It Light and Interesting

If you subscribe to industry magazines, you may want to share interesting articles about a breakthrough in your field. Breakthroughs in chiropractic care are great topics to share with patients, but only if they will find it easy to read and understand. Before you share industry-related articles, ask yourself, “Will my patients think this is interesting enough to share with their friends?” If the answer is “no” or “maybe,” chances are it won’t get the type of engagement that you want.

Avoid Controversial Topics

Topics that invite controversy, like religion and politics, should never appear on your practice’s social media pages. Controversial posts may alienate patients and possibly cause a loss of business. Post only about your opinions and beliefs as they relate to chiropractic care or wellness. Patients and potential patients will definitely want to know how you feel about things that affect services you offer, but they are likely not interested in your political beliefs.

The number one thing to consider when choosing content is whether the content accurately reflects your chiropractic philosophy or your practice’s brand. Keep this rule in mind and enjoy being active on social media.

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