Convert Website and Phone Leads into New Patients

///Convert Website and Phone Leads into New Patients

Convert Website and Phone Leads into New Patients


Having Trouble Capturing New Patients with Your Website?

You can use a variety of tools and resources to optimize your practice’s online presence and drive new patient traffic to your chiropractic website. Crafting original, useful content is great for improving your organic search rankings, managing PPC or referral type programs are great to reach out to a wider audience, and having an appealing offer attracts potential patients to call or email your practice. Many chiropractors are already aware of these methods. However, there is another factor that is commonly overlooked all together: preparing staff for converting potential patients into new patient appointments. 

Is Your Office Aware?

When trying to attract new patients, an informed staff is essential to increasing conversion rates. Even when all elements for capturing new business are perfect, having a person answer the phone or respond to new client inquires that is not aware of your new patient special or website office can ruin everything. 

Closing Website and Phone Leads

How Do You Prepare to Convert Leads into New Patients? 

Whoever answers the phone should be given the details regarding any chiropractic deals, massage specials, exam coupons, or monthly offers. Since whoever answers the phone is the first point of contact, they need to be aware of everything that is happening in the office. 

In addition, the person answering the phone should be an effective appointment setter. While you don’t want to be pushy about setting appointments, you do want to gather patient information and make an effort to book a new patient appointment. If the caller does not want to book right away, at least you will have the information to follow-up with the potential patient in the future. 

New patient leads should always be given priority. As the practice owner, you need to ensure your staff understands how important potential patients are to a successful practice. Maximize conversions by training your staff to set aside certain appointment times for potential patients or to make extra effort to fit these potential patients in as soon as possible. 

Don’t Let Leads Become Missed Opportunities

Unfortunately, we often see business owners losing new patients because their staff is not properly information on how to handle new patients. Don’t throw away any new patient leads. Follow the training tips discussed here to reduce marketing costs and increase website and phone conversions. 

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