Creating an Online Presence for Your Business Using Facebook & Twitter

//Creating an Online Presence for Your Business Using Facebook & Twitter

Creating an Online Presence for Your Business Using Facebook & Twitter

Creating an Online Presence for Your Business Using Facebook & Twitter


Facebook and Twitter have almost, if not more than, 1.5 billion users combined. Yes that’s right, a “BILLION USERS.” If your business is not on either of these social networks just think of all the opportunities you’re missing out on.  In today’s blog, I’m going to show you how to set up a Twitter and Facebook page for your chiropractic practice.


4 Quick Steps to Setting Up a Business Twitter Account

  1. Go to and Click “Sign up for Twitter” (don’t fill out the information yet.)

    For your full name, enter yourtwitter_signup.png business name, as people will type in your business name when searching for your practice. You should also use a business based email address so you can give your employees access to the account. Select a Username closest to your business name as possible  (Your Username will have no spaces in it). Finally, click on “Create my account.”

  2. Select categories relevant to your company and follow people

    You can now select people and other businesses to follow. All sorts of entities exist on Twitter, even companies you may be familiar such as magazines you read or brands of vitamins you sell. Connecting with people in your industry will give you an idea of what’s new and what to talk about on your own page.

  3. Adding your detailed information.

    This is where you will be able totwitter_settings.png add a picture and bio. The picture should promote your brand, with the best thing to use being your logo (best size 128px x 128px). Your next step is adding a Bio (160 characters).Make this as descriptive as you can by using the space available. Next, go to “Settings,” then “Profile” (in the top right corner) and add your location and your chiropractic website.

  4. Start posting.

    Finally it’s time to start posting. If you’re confused on what to post, read other people’s twitter posts. You should make your posts original and engaging.

5 Steps for Creating Your Chiropractic Facebook Business Page:

  1. Becoming a Facebook Member

    Go to Facebook requires that you have a personal page before you can set up your business page. If you already have a personal Facebook page, skip this step and go to step 2. If you do not have a personal Facebook page yet, fill out the sign up form on the homepage and click “Sign Up”. Use your personal information when signing up.

  2. Creating a Business Page

    Once you have a personal Facebook page,facebook_page.png go to  and click on “Create Page” (upper right corner). This will bring you to the first step in creating a page. As a chiropractor, you will want to choose “Local Business or Place.” Fill out your business details and click “Get Started.”

  3. Adding a Logo & Details

    You will be prompted to add a profile picture ( best picture to put here is a business logo. If you don’t have a logo, select a picture of your or your staff. Keep in mind picture or logo will appear by all of your posts and will be one of the most recognizable things about your brand on Facebook. Next, invite friends to “like” your page (Wait to do this step until you have completed your business page and made some posts). You can upload an email list or invite current friends from your personal page. Next you will fill out basic information such as your website and a bio about your chiropractic practice (max 255 characters).

  4. Finishing Touches

    Now you will be brought to your Facebookfacebook_settings.png business page. At the top of the page, near the center, is an edit page button. Click “Edit” and select “Update Info.” On this page you will be able to update all of your businesses information and I suggest completing this before moving on. Next, go back to your business profile and add a cover photo (see the previous hyperlink for photo dimensions)

  5. Start posting & Inviting Friends

    Keep your Facebook fans (those people who “liked” your business page) up to date with new products, what is happening in the office, or fun facts about the spine. The more engaging your post, the more chances people will “like” your page or “share” your posts.

Remember have fun and be professional! Social media is a great way to keep current patients interested and new ones coming through the door.
If you are unsure where to start with Social Media for your chiropractic business, call our Internet Consultants at ChiroMatrix (1-800-IMATRIX). Our Internet Consultants can discuss the many benefits of our managed Social Media Service with you.

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