Cutting off Escapes for Greater Productivity

//Cutting off Escapes for Greater Productivity

Cutting off Escapes for Greater Productivity

If you’ve been struggling making headway with your chiropractic website, then there is a strong possibility that you’ve been allowing yourself to get clouded with voluntary distractions, or "escapes." I wish I could give you an exhaustive list, but it’s different for everyone. Potential offenders include TV, movies, alcohol/drugs, blog reading and Facebook/Twitter.  These can sometimes be time wasters, as well as energy suckers, meaning that after the activity, you lose either motivation or energy and alertness required for productivity.

If this idea resonates with you, then the best thing you can do is take a set period of time to cut yourself from some or all of your escapes. For example, you may decide that for 30 days, you will not watch TV or drink alcohol. Two things happen when you do this. First of all, you find that time is freed up for you to work on your chiropractic website marketing. Secondly, you’ll find a charge within you to be productive, as the energy inside needs an outlet. If your mind can’t escape in front of the TV, then it would rather come up with some marketing initiatives than stay idle.

You’ll have to make a judgment call on how much to cut out. If you cut out only one or two escapes, there’s a possibility that another one will take its place. If you cut out ALL escapes, then it can be extremely uncomfortable. However, if you find the right balance, you’ll find that for at least that time period, your productivity with your chiropractic website marketing will significantly increase.

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