Ditch These 5 Outdated SEO Tactics

//Ditch These 5 Outdated SEO Tactics

Ditch These 5 Outdated SEO Tactics


Web marketing is always evolving and SEO best practices are continually changing. Many SEO techniques that were common 3-5 years ago are not irrelevant or frowned upon.

You should regularly add new chiropractic content to your website and update older content. However, before you jump in and update your content, check out these outdated SEO techniques. If you find you are still using some of these tactics, now is a good time to go through your content and clean up your chiropractic website.

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing has been outdated for quite some time. Shoving a bunch of keywords onto a web page is a sure way to get Google to list your website as spam. Being labeled as spam will most definitely tank your search rankings and may even get your website removed from search engines altogether. It’s never too late to go back through your website and fix this mistake if you have inadvertently made it.

Keyword Stuffing

2. Sacrificing Link Quality in Exchange for Quantity

While backlinks are great for your chiropractic website, they must be done properly. “Quality over Quantity” is essential when it comes to backlinks. If your website has 100+ subpar backlinks that aren’t relevant to your practice and your competitor has 10 high-quality backlinks that are relevant, chances are their website will rank higher than yours on search engines.

3. All You Need Is a Good Design, Links, and Content

This was a credible technique about 6 or so years ago. If you implemented a user-friendly design with ok content, links, and on-page optimization, then your website would perform well.

Social Media and Your SEO

In more recent years though, your website will be negatively impacted if you don’t have a strong social media presence supporting your chiropractic website. By regularly updating sites like Facebook, Google+, and review site, you can positively affect your website rankings. As mentioned previously, this will provide you with the necessary high-quality backlinks. Posting links to your social media pages on your website is a great way to get new pages indexed by search engines.

4. Content, Content, and More Content

Too much mediocre content is a bad thing, especially when the pages lack media-rich content. Adding a new website page every day that is stuffed with duplicate content, bland or irrelevant content, and zero images or video will negatively affect your rankings.

Instead, focus on creating 1-2 new pages of chiropractic content each month that also includes relevant images or videos to improve your rankings.

5. Stuffing the Metadata Description with Keywords

Unfortunately, this was a common practice for quite a few years. Beginning in 2009, metadata keywords no longer mattered as a factor for SEO rankings. It is still ok to do, but it can be keyword stuffing if you don’t do it the right way.

Metadata Description

When writing metadata descriptions, include information that is relevant to the page you are describing and only use keywords that naturally fit in the text. This will show as the description of your page in Google searches and is the deciding factor on whether someone clicks your website or not. Also, remember that guidelines for metadata descriptions are 155 words or less.

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